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For further information regarding TripADeal’s Responsibility, Limitations of Liability please click to see our General Terms as well as our Refund policy.

1.  Objective of the policy

This policy ensures all complaints are handled fairly, efficiently and effectively.

It enables quick responses to customers and helps provide information that can be used to make improvements to products, services, processes and complaint handling in the future. This policy provides guidance to customers wishing to make a formal complaint.

2. How to make a complaint

All complaints need to be made via the Online Feedback Form – a step-by-step process where the details of the issue are recorded. The form can be accessed via the link above, the website by logging in through the ‘My Deals’ section using customer login details or Contact Us page.


By completing the form, TripADeal can assess and seek an appropriate resolution to the issue.

Complaints must be received within 30 days from the return of travel, or from the date the incident occurred. Complaints submitted outside of this timeframe will not be accepted.

Complaints made through any other channel will not be accepted. 

3. What is required to complete the online Complaint Form

  • Detailed information: Please provide detailed, specific information regarding the incident.
  • Supporting documents: Please provide any supporting documentation/attachments which will help resolve the issue. 
  • Resolution: Please provide details regarding the resolution you are seeking.

In completing the form, you agree that all information provided is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge in regards to your personal experiences and/or any other related passengers in your travel party. All documentation and information relating to the issue, must be lodged at the time of the complaints form submission.  

4. Response timeframes and resolution

Please allow 21 days from the date of submission to receive a response regarding your complaint. This allows time to consult with external parties including businesses, government authorities, affiliated partners and/or any transportation/land/cruise operators. If further information is required, this will be done within the 21 day period. Responses will be made within business hours

5. Compensation, Confidentiality and Privacy

Where compensation is required, a formal letter of offer will be provided. Confirmation and acceptance of the offer is required within 7 days. Acceptance is required in writing. In certain cases, you may be required to sign a settlement and release deed. If an offer is not accepted within the timeframe given, it may be withdrawn and void.

TripADeal in its discretion will decide where any financial compensation is given for an issue raised via the online Feedback Form. TripADeal reserves the right to acknowledge and resolve the matter internally. Where cancellation, credit/refund or compensation is required, all offers remain final and confidential between parties. This will be done within the guidelines of our Cancellation and Refund policy.

Where compensation is given in the form of a credit to be utilised on a future purchase, the validity period of the credit will be stipulated at the time and must be adhered too. All credits will be void beyond their validity period and cannot be redeemed.

All complaints lodged with us will comply with the TripADeal Privacy Policy. 

6. Escalation of Complaints Process                                                

If a resolution is not reached and you remain unsatisfied with the proposed outcome, you can escalate your complaint to the Disputes Tribunal of New Zealand.  

For further information or to lodge a claim, click here:

7. Complaints under investigation by a regulator or law enforcement agency

If your complaint is currently being investigated by a relevant federal, state or territory consumer protection regulator or law enforcement agency, TripADeal may cease to take further action in relation to your complaint pending finalisation of their investigation. We will assist any respective agency with their investigations.