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  • The Great Wall

  • Terracotta Warriors

  • Forbidden City

  • Shanghai

  • Chongqing

  • Chinese cuisine

  • Beijing Zoo

  • Hangzhou

  • Yangtze River cruise

  • Suzhou

  • Great Wall

  • Hangzhou

  • Tiananmen Square

  • Shanghai

  • The Great Wall

  • Terracotta Warriors

  • Forbidden City

  • Shanghai

  • Chongqing

  • Chinese cuisine

  • Beijing Zoo

  • Hangzhou

  • Yangtze River cruise

  • Suzhou

  • Great Wall

  • Hangzhou

  • Tiananmen Square

  • Shanghai

  • Yichang


16 Day Ultimate China

  • Visit the Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors & More
  • Cruise along the awe-inspiring Yangtze River
Includes Return International Flights

China is a destination of many contrasts; a country with one foot in the past and a hand reaching towards a bold and innovative future. From ancient wonders to neon marvels, and a whole lot in between, this 16 day tour will showcase the very best China has to offer in one thrilling package.

Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Hangzhou, Yichang, Chongqing… this trip covers it all. Step back in time with a visit to the UNESCO listed Forbidden City, a vast complex once home to 24 successive emperors; enjoy a stroll through impressive Tiananmen Square; and fulfil that lifelong dream to walk along the remarkable Great Wall. In Xi’an, the Terracotta Warriors and Horses are waiting to blow your mind. See cultural relics at the Henan Provincial Museum or Zhengzhou Museum; enjoy a boat ride on the beautiful West Lake of Hangzhou; and admire the futuristic Shanghai skyline from The Bund. When it seems the trip can’t get any better, it then takes to the mighty Yangtze River for a four night 5-star cruise. Along the way you’ll witness grand cities, remote villages, and towering mountain ranges! Want to delve a little deeper? An amazing range of optional tours are also available.

With return international flights, 10 nights 4-star accommodation, four high-speed train journeys, return airport and rail transfers, and more, this has all the makings of a wondrous journey.


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Today depart from Auckland for Beijing via Guangzhou, Shanghai, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Kunming, Haikou or Fuzhou. Fly with China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Sichuan Airlines, Capital Airlines, Air China, Hainan Airlines or Xiamen Airlines (subject to availability). Upon arrival, a tour representative will meet you at the airport and transfer you to the hotel for check-in.
Please note: Due to flight times and scheduling some customers may be required to depart day 0. Flight times will be confirmed on your final documentation which you will receive at least 4 - 6 weeks prior to departure.
Please note: Due to flight times and scheduling, some customers may be required to stay overnight in Guangzhou. In this scenario, the airline will provide accommodation and transfers.

Overnight: Beijing Hotel
Meals included: In-Flight

After breakfast, your exploration of Beijing begins with a visit to Tiananmen Square, one of the largest public squares in the world. Next, take in the Imperial Palace in the Forbidden City. The Forbidden City, also known officially as the Imperial Palace Museum, was originally constructed by the third Emperor of the Ming Dynasty, Emperor Yong Le, where 24 emperors once lived successionally. The palace was built between 1406 and 1420, but was burnt down, rebuilt, sacked and renovated countless times, so most of the architecture you can see today dates from the 1700s and onwards. Afterwards, visit a pearl factory to gain a little knowledge of fresh pearls.

Tonight, take the opportunity to attend an optional large scale dramatic musical, “The Golden Mask Dynasty” (not included).

Overnight: Beijing Hotel
Meals included: Breakfast

After breakfast, depart for the Great Wall. Along the way, stop at a Jade Museum to learn the history of jade. In Chinese, jade is pronounced as “Yu” and it has a history in China of at least four thousand years. Observe the skilled artisans at work as they create their intricate designs. Afterwards take a scenic drive through the countryside and mountains to reach China’s most renowned monument—the Great Wall. You will visit the less-touristy and more original Juyong Pass, avoiding other sections which are the most accessible and consequently most crowded. The Great Wall meanders through China’s northern mountain ranges from the Yellow Sea to the Gobi Desert - a distance of more than 3500 miles.

In the afternoon, take the opportunity to join an optional tour (not included) to see Beijing’s 700 year old Hutong’s (narrow lanes) area by old fashioned pedicab. You will also visit a local family living in a courtyard style home to experience the local customs including a delicious home-cooked dinner. The optional tour also includes a visit to Shichahai, a historic scenic area consisting of three lakes (Qianhai, meaning Front Sea; Houhai, meaning Back Sea and Xihai, meaning West Sea), surrounding places of historic interest and scenic beauty and remnants of old-style local residences, Hutong and Courtyard.

Overnight: Beijing Hotel
Meals included: Breakfast;Lunch

After breakfast visit Beijing Zoo to see the giant pandas. Then make a stop at “Tongrentang” to learn more about traditional Chinese medicine. Afterwards, transfer to Beijing Railway Station for a high-speed train experience to Xi'an (approx. 5.5 hours). Upon arrival transfer to the hotel.

Please note:
- If you do not provide your passport details at least 35 days prior to departure you may not be in the same train carriage or on the same train as your companions and other group members.
- Seating arrangement on high-speed trains consists of a row of 2 seats and a row of 3 seats. Due to this, we cannot guarantee you a seat right next to your travel companion on this journey.

Overnight: Xi’an Hotel
Meals included: Breakfast

The highlight today is a visit to the Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum. Unearthed near Xi’an, the thousands of life size sculptures of soldiers, chariots and horses are considered a world wonder. With different facial expressions and weaponry adorning each soldier, the Terracotta Warriors were believed to have been created to accompany the Qin Emperor into the afterlife. This site is among the top archaeological excavations of the 20th century. You will definitely be amazed by the scale of the Terracotta Warriors Army.

Afterwards visit the Terracotta Warriors Reproduction Factory and then transfer to Xian Railway Station for a high speed train experience to Zhengzhou (approx. 2.5 hours).

Overnight: Zhengzhou Hotel
Meals included: Breakfast

Today enjoy the day at leisure in Zhengzhou, or take the opportunity to join an optional full-day Shaolin Kung Fu experience with lunch (not included). Visit the Shaolin Temple, nestled in the forested mountains of Henan, it’s the birthplace of Kung Fu and Zen Buddhism. The Shaolin Temple embraces many exciting attractions, such as the Hall of Heavenly Kings (Tianwangdian), the Mahavira Hall (Daxiongbaodian), the Pagoda Forest, the Dharma Cave and the Shaolin Temple Martial Art Training Centre. Then continue your visit to the Pagoda Forest, where hundreds of stone pagodas, memorials to past monks, are tightly grouped together in the forest. You may also have the chance to watch an amazing exciting Shaolin Kung Fu performance at the Martial Arts Hall and can take the opportunity to follow the masters there to learn some Kung Fu (subject to availability).

Overnight: Zhengzhou Hotel
Meals included: Breakfast

This morning visit the Henan or Zhengzhou Museum (dependent on day of the week and closure periods), which are both major museums in China and were created for the collection, protection, study and display of cultural relics in the hinterland of the Central Plain. Then visit Erqi Memorial Tower. Erqi Memorial Tower is the memorial of the Erqi Strike, which occurred on February 7, 1923. The Erqi Memorial Tower has altogether 14 storeys, totalling 63m in height. A winding staircase inside the tower brings you to the top floor, where you can get a bird’s-eye view of the whole city of Zhengzhou.

Afterwards transfer to Zhengzhou Railway Station for a high-speed train experience to Suzhou (approx. 4.5 hours). Upon arrival transfer to the hotel.

Overnight: Suzhou Hotel
Meals included: Breakfast

Suzhou, which dates back to 514 BC, is sometimes called the ‘Venice of the East’. Today you will visit the famous Lingering Garden, recognised with other classical Suzhou gardens as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. China is renowned for its exquisite silk, so naturally a visit to the Silk Spinning Factory is in order. Take the opportunity to cruise along the Grand Canal (not included) to view life along China’s ancient waterway. Afterwards drive to Hangzhou (approx. 2 hours).

Overnight: Hangzhou Hotel
Meals included: Breakfast

Hangzhou is considered the tea capital of China, so a visit to the city just isn’t complete without a trip to a local tea house. Make a special visit to the Tea House at Meijiawu Tea Village located at the hinterland of West Lake Park which is considered one of the most important Longjing Tea productions in China. Enjoy the natural environment and beautiful village scenery while learning more about their special tea culture. At the Tea House, learn how to make the Longjing Tea including picking, frying and tasting the tea leaves. Then enjoy a small boat ride on the West Lake another UNESCO World Heritage Site, which reveals the ethereal beauty of Hangzhou's willow draped islands.

Next, drive to Shanghai (approx. 2 hours) to visit the famous Bund. Shanghai is divided by the Huang Pu River into eastern and western sections. Modern mega high rises are seen on the eastern side while traditional European style architecture may be seen on the western side. The Bund is a five-block riverfront promenade with many of Shanghai's banks and trading houses. Tonight there is an optional activity to watch a superb and thrilling Chinese Acrobatic Show “ERA: The Intersection of Time” (not included).

Overnight: Shanghai Hotel
Meals included: Breakfast

This morning, step back in time at the Shanghai Museum - home to more than 120,000 objects and artworks. Enjoy some free time at leisure this afternoon or join an optional half-day tour of the Yu Garden, believed to have been built in the Ming Dynasty, more than 400 years ago. The exquisite layout, beautiful scenery, and the artistic style of the garden architecture have made the garden one of the highlights of Shanghai. Alternatively you can visit Xintiandi, Old Town and Nanjing Road for some shopping (not included). In the evening, take the opportunity to join the optional “Night Cruise on the Huangpu River” (not included).

Please note: If Shanghai Museum is closed, a visit to Suzhou Museum will be provided in place of this visit on Day 8 of the tour.

Overnight: Shanghai Hotel
Meals included: Breakfast

This morning transfer to Shanghai Railway Station for a high speed train ride to Yichang (approx. 7 hours). You will be met at Yichang Railway by your tour guide and transferred to the Century Sky or Century Glory ship, where you will begin your memorable four-night cruise down the Yangtze River. Yichang, renowned as the “Gateway to the Three Gorges” and the ‘Throat between Sichuan and Hubei’, is an important trading port and a transportation hub along the Yangtze River.

Overnight: Century Sky or Century Glory ship
Meals included: Breakfast

Enjoy your first day on the Yangtze River as your ship winds its way through spectacular scenery. Enjoy a beautiful breakfast buffet on board, and then join an optional shore excursion to the Three Gorges Project (not included). One of the largest construction projects undertaken by man, it is the biggest hydro project in the world. In the evening, you will return to the ship and attend the Captain’s Welcome Banquet and enjoy an evening of dancing.

Please note: additional shore excursions may be offered by the cruise company onboard and all shore excursion offerings are subject to river, traffic and other operational reasons and may be changed without notice.

Overnight: Century Sky or Century Glory ship
Meals included: Breakfast;Lunch;Dinner

Today you may choose to embark on the exciting optional excursions or opt for a leisure day on board the ship. Enjoy an optional shore excursion to the mesmerising Shennong Stream (not included). The stream flows through three beautiful gorges including the Mianzhu Gorge, Parrot Gorge and Longcangdong Gorge. Each gorge is renowned for its unique and stunning scenery. The Shennong Stream is also home to the Hanging Coffins, ancient coffins containing the remains of descendants of the Tujia people. In the afternoon, you will return to the ship in time for lunch and enjoy the crew’s magnificent performance in the evening.

Overnight: Century Sky or Century Glory ship
Meals included: Breakfast;Lunch;Dinner

Today you will pass through the mountains of Eastern Sichuan. Choose to participate in the optional excursion (not included) or relax on the sundeck, and make the most of the last full day on your ship. Tonight, enjoy the farewell dinner and pack your bags in preparation for disembarking tomorrow.

Today’s optional excursion is Shibaozhai (not included). Shibaozhai is a 12-story wooden pagoda built against the rock in the 18th century. Located in Zhongxian County on the south bank of the Yangtze River, visitors can appreciate the spectacular River from the windows of each floor during climbing.

Overnight: Century Sky or Century Glory ship
Meals included: Breakfast;Lunch;Dinner

This morning you will disembark the cruise ship in the magnificent city of Chongqing. Transfer to Chongqing Airport for your flight back to New Zealand or join an optional tour to see what Chongqing has to offer including the Three Gorges Museum and the ancient village Ci Qi Kou (Porcelain Village) (not included) followed by an airport drop-off.

Please note: Due to flight times and scheduling, some customers may be required to stay overnight in Guangzhou or Shanghai. In this scenario, the airline will provide accommodation and transfers. 

Meals included: Breakfast;In-Flight

Please note: some flights may arrive +1 days later.

Tour Inclusions

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  • Tour Beijing, Zhengzhou, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Shanghai
  • Visit impressive Tiananmen Square in Beijing 
  • Step back in time at the grand Forbidden City
  • Tick the Great Wall of China off your bucket list
  • See playful Giant Pandas at the Beijing Zoo
  • Learn about traditional Chinese medicine at 'Tongrentang' in Beijing
  • Journey to the historic city of Xi’an
  • Visit the ancient Terracotta Warriors and Horses, a wonder of the world
  • See cultural relics at either the Henan Provincial Museum or Zhengzhou Museum
  • Witness the panoramic view from Erqi Memorial Tower
  • Learn about pearls at a Freshwater Pearl Centre
  • Visit a local Jade Museum and see artisans at work
  • Relax with a free day at leisure in Zhengzhou
  • Explore Suzhou’s UNESCO listed Lingering Garden and a silk spinning factory
  • Learn about Longjing Tea at Meijiawu Tea Village - includes tasting
  • Enjoy a boat ride on the beautiful West Lake of Hangzhou
  • Admire the futuristic Shanghai skyline from The Bund
  • Visit the inspiring Shanghai Museum
  • Cruise the iconic Yangtze River from Yichang to Chongqing
  • Discover grand cities, remote villages and more
  • Visit Yichang, gateway to the Three Gorges
  • Stop in Chongqing, known as the ‘Mountain City’
  • Return international flights (economy class) ex AKL
  • 4 night cruise along the scenic Yangtze River
  • Sail aboard the 5-star Century Sky or Century Glory ship
  • Attend a Captain’s Welcome Banquet onboard
  • 10 nights 4-star hotel accommodation on tour
  • Enjoy 21 meals including all meals while cruising
  • English-speaking tour guides
  • Airline taxes and surcharges
  • 1-way high speed train (economy class): Beijing to Xian
  • 1-way high speed train (economy class): Xian to Zhengzhou
  • 1-way high speed train (economy class): Zhengzhou to Suzhou
  • 1-way high speed train (economy class): Shanghai to Yichang
  • Transportation by private A/C vehicles
  • Return airport and rail transfers

Important info

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After purchase, you will receive a receipt and a Purchase Confirmation, directing you to an online Passenger Information Form. The Passenger Information Form must be completed within 72 hours of purchase.
Any special requests, preferences and optional extras MUST be clearly stated in your Passenger Information Form. Any change requested after submitting your Passenger Information Form cannot be guaranteed, is strictly subject to availability and will incur surcharges as outlined in the Schedule of Fees below.
On purchasing this Travel Offer you are bound by the General Terms and Conditions, in addition to the specific terms and conditions outlined in this Important Information. 
*Mandatory Service Fee:
A mandatory service fee is not included in the tour price, and is required for the services of the tour leader (when available) and driver throughout the tour. The mandatory service fee for the tour leader and driver is $13 NZD per person/per day where tour or transfer services are provided, which will be collected whilst on tour (this will include day of arrival and departure, and covers both the tour leader and driver). Find a breakdown of the fees due on tour below.
- Beijing: $39 per person to be paid to your Beijing based guide prior to departing Beijing for services provided on days 1, 2 & 3 of the tour.
- Xi'an: $13 per person to be paid to your Xian based guide prior to departing Xian for services provided on day 4 of the tour.
- Zhengzhou: $26 per person to be paid to your Zhengzhou based guide prior to departing Zhengzhou for services provided on days 5 & 7 of the tour.
- Shanghai: $52 per person to be paid to your Shanghai based tour guide prior to departing Shanghai for services provided on days 8, 9, 10 & 11 of the tour.
- Yichang & Chongqing: $52 per person to be paid to your Chongqing based tour guide for the services provided during the river cruise.
Please note: all additional charges are payable direct to your Travel Consultant in NZD (unless otherwise stated).

Travel offer is valid for travel on selected dates until the 26th of October 2020.
This travel offer is priced for one person based on twin share. 
Single Traveller Supplement
For solo travellers a mandatory single supplement of $1450 applies.
Departure Dates (2020)
March: 16
April: 27
May: 4, 11, 25
May: 18 (SOLD OUT)
June: 8
June: 1 (SOLD OUT)
August: 28
October: 19, 26
Please note: the August 28 departure date will use the brand new Century 'Glory' ship in place of Century 'Sky'.
Departure Cities

Full Service Airline(s) Used

China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Sichuan Airlines, Capital Airlines, Air China, Hainan Airlines or Xiamen Airlines (subject to availability

Please note: One way flights can not be accommodated. Travellers must take all included flights within the package, and any flights intentionally forfeited will result in later flights being subject to cancellation.


Arrive early
Not Available
Stay behind
Not Available
Stopover Packages
Not Available 
Flight Class Upgrades
Not Available


All cabins are subject to availability; some cabins may have restricted views.

Accommodation Used

4 Star (self-rated)

- Beijing: Friendship Hotel / Jingdu Guilong Hotel / North Star Continental Grand Hotel / Gehua New Century /Novotel Sanyuan / Beijing Nanyueyuan Hotel / Century Huatian Hotel / Beijing Riverside Hotel / Beijing GuanTong Jianhui Hotel / Schonbrunn Hotel/ Chunhuiyuan Resort and West International Trade Grand Hotel / Beijing Metro Park Hotel Ying Kun or similar

- Zhengzhou: Zhongzhou International Hotel / Guanghua Hotel / Guangdong Hotel / Fengleyuan Hotel / Glory Grand Hotel / Hongrun Huaxia Hotel OR Yuhuayuan Hotel

- Hangzhou: Pujing Garden Hotel / Fubang International Hotel / Holiday Inn Hangzhou Airport Zone /Yuandong Hotel OR Hai Wai Hai Bai Na Hotel

- Suzhou: Snowy Sea Hotel / Holiday Inn Express Suzhou Taihu Lake / Jincheng Hotel / Berkesy Residence Gusu / Vienna International Hotel OR China Garden Hotel 

- Shanghai: Holiday Inn Express/ Holiday Inn Shanghai West / Mercure Hongqiao Central / Howard Johnson Hong Qiao / Lin Yin Art Hotel Shanghai / Crowne Plaza Shanghai Xiayang Lake / Mercure Hotel Hongqiao South / Garden View Hotel OR Regal Plaza Hotel & Residence

- Xi'an: Grand Noble Hotel, Yulong International Hotel, Holiday Inn, Golden Flower Hotel, Guangcheng Hotel OR Titan Hotel


5 star (self-rated)

Cruise: Century Sky or Century Glory ship

Please note: 

- Accommodation/rooms offered are based on a lead-in room type, and are subject to availability based on

seasonality. Properties will be confirmed, no later than two weeks prior to travel.


Extra Nights
Not Available 
Maximum Room Capacity

2 People (subject to availability).
Child Policy
- No child discounts. Full price applies for all children travelling with their parents.
- Valid for Children 8 years old and over.
Please note: Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult 18 years old and over to travel. No unaccompanied minors allowed.
Triple Share
Not Available 
Bedding Configuration
Twin or Double bedding (subject to availability).
Adjoining / Interconnecting Rooms
Subject to availability and at the hotels discretion. Please enquire on booking if you require this option.

Minimum group size 26, maximum group size 44 per vehicle
Optional Tours / Activities
- Beijing: Day 2: The Golden Mask Dynasty 330 RMB
- Beijing: Day 3: Tour 700 year old Hutong with Dinner 300 RMB
- Zhengzhou: Day 6: Full Day Kung Fu Experience with Lunch 550 RMB
- Suzhou: Day 8: Grand Canal Cruise 220 RMB
- Shanghai: Day 9: ERA and The Intersection of Time 380 RMB
- Shanghai: Day 10: Half day Shanghai tour 180 RMB
- Shanghai: Day 10: Huangpu River Night Cruise 240 RMB
- River Cruise: Day 12: Three Gorges Dam – 400 RMB per person
- River Cruise: Day 13: Shennong Stream – 400 RMB per person
- River Cruise: Day 14: Shibaozhai Pagoda – 400 RMB per person
- River Cruise: Day 15: Chongqing In-depth Tour – 200 RMB per person
Please note:
- Prices are based on per person, are subject to availability, time permitting and weather conditions, and are payable direct to the tour operator in the currency specified.
- Some tours require minimum numbers to operate.
- Shore excursions can be booked whilst onboard (subject to availability).

- Visa fees and requirements (A tourist visa for China is a strict requirement if travelling on a New Zealand passport).
- Meals/beverages not stated in the itinerary.
- Mandatory service fee: $13 NZD per traveller/per day where tour or transfer services are provided (this will include day of arrival and departure and whilst cruising).
- Optional activities/tours.
- Personal expenses.
- Travel insurance (Mandatory).
Please note: A comprehensive travel Insurance policy must be organised BEFORE all details can be finalised.

Tour Guide: 
Often locals with intimate knowledge of an area, its culture, and history. Their role entails providing commentary, routing the tour, and seeing that people have a good time. They are a licensed, qualified expert who supplies specific information on history, art, architecture and culture of the city/village/attraction in which he or she is guiding the tour. The guide meets the group at the required place and leaves the group at the end of the tour, they do not travel with the group. 
Tour Leader: 
An experienced person tasked with ensuring the smooth operation of tours, as well as providing practical support to passengers throughout the whole trip. Their role primarily includes assisting with accommodation, transportation between locations, and communication with tour guides in each stop. A tour leader may provide general guidance around a city or village, and offer information on the place visited on the bus, however they are not required to have specific knowledge on art, architecture, or history. They are not allowed to provide a guided tour or commentary of a city/village/attraction once there and if caught doing so, can be fined. 
Please note: Tour leaders/guides are not a standard inclusion in all travel offers. Tour leaders/guides will only be made available when particularly required to enhance the experience of the destination featured. 
Beijing has a temperate and continental monsoon climate, with four distinct seasons and big differences in temperature between day and night. The seasons: summer in Beijing is hot and humid, while winter is cold and dry. Spring and autumn are short and cool. The coldest month is January at an average of -4 °C, and the hottest month is July at an average of 26 °C.
Shanghai weather is generally mild and moist, with four distinctive seasons - a pleasant warm spring, a hot rainy summer, a comfortable cool autumn, and an overcast cold winter. The weather of Shanghai in July and August is the hottest, with more than 10 days' high temperatures above 35°C. The coldest period is from late January to early February. The springtime from March to May is recommended as the best time to pay a visit, while October to November, with pleasant autumn climate, is also a wise choice.
Yichang is in a sub-tropical monsoon climate zone with four distinct seasons. It enjoys abundant sunshine and rainfall, and the average annual temperature is around 15°C. June and July are the hottest months as well as the plum rain seasons-a period of unsettled weather with frequent, soaking rains and the temperature is about 25°C on average.
Xi’an experiences a temperate and continental monsoon climate and so the weather is generally mild and fairly moist and experiences four distinct seasons. There is a rainy season that arrives during the summer months but the high levels of rainfall rarely cause much damage to the city. Temperatures will average around 15°C to 20°C in Spring and heading into Summer.
Seat Selection & Frequent Flyer Points:
At TripADeal we do not arrange seat selection. It is important to highlight that some Airlines do not allow pre-selected seats. We strongly suggest you contact the Airline directly with seating allocation requirements and or arrive at the airport earlier to arrange your seating. While we do not add frequent flyer member details to bookings, you can do this directly with the Airline once you have your flight information.
Passport Validity:
Customers are required to provide valid passport details either at the time of purchase, or no later than 45 days prior to departure date. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of the booking. In this instance customers will be responsible for any costs and fees incurred.
- Begins approximately 2 hours after docking.
- Due to security reasons, all guests must be on board 2 hours before sailing.
- Itineraries are subject to change at any time without notice.
- Check your specific sailing for exact departure and arrival times. All times are local to the port.
Cruise Loyalty Discounts:
Please note: Travellers booked via TripADeal will not be entitled to receive any cruise line customer loyalty discounts. Similar to airline frequent flyer programs, this is outside of the TripADeal booking process. However, customers may contact the cruise line direct upon receiving their TripADeal travel documents to request any membership benefits they are entitled to. 
Daily breakfast and one feature lunch is included in the tour, for all other meals; lunches and dinners the tour leader (when available) will offer assistance with reservations, suggestions and directions to local restaurants. It is your responsibility to notify TripADeal of any dietary requests/requirements. Please note; we will do our best to meet your requests/requirements, however cannot guarantee that we will always be able to.
You will be responsible for all your personal belongings whilst on the tour. With regards to luggage, you must carry your own luggage from the coach to the hotel room and back to the coach. The driver will assist with the uploading and off-loading of the luggage from the coach.
Fitness Level Required / Mobility:
Our vehicles are not equipped with wheelchair access, so unfortunately our tours are currently not suitable for wheelchair users and those less mobile. 
Please note: a standard level of fitness will be required. If you have any concerns please consult your healthcare provider prior to purchase/travel.
Yellow Fever:
A valid international certificate of vaccination against Yellow Fever is required in many countries. You may need to present this on arrival at the airport or border crossing. Some countries will refuse entry if you are unable to present your certificate. It's also quite common for your home country to request a Yellow Fever certificate on your arrival back home. It is your responsibility to check with your doctor well in advance of leaving home about the Yellow Fever requirements for the countries you'll be visiting.
Please note: In the event entrance to a site is affected by changes in operating hours or public holiday closures, your itinerary will be adjusted to ensure you do not miss out on the experience. 
Shopping overseas can be a daunting and confusing experience, especially when there is a language barrier. Please be very cautious when foreign currencies and prices are involved. If paying by credit card, please pay close attention to the amount you are being charged and keep all of your receipts. 
Do not make any purchases you are not comfortable with or feel pressured into. If you are uncertain or need assistance with the language barrier, please seek assistance from your Tour Guide/Leader.
Please refer to our Terms and Conditions in regards to shopping for further information.

A tourist visa for China is a strict requirement if travelling on a New Zealand Passport. You will be able to start your visa application process once you receive your final travel documentation approximately 6 weeks prior to departure. Please start arranging your visa as soon as you receive your documentation to account for any delays due to consulate operating hours.
Please note: Passengers who are not New Zealand citizens must check with the respective consulate or visa agency to determine what their visa requirements are and what personal identification is required. It is also important to note, some areas of employment such as journalism, government authorities and charity organisations may have additional restrictions in applying for Visas. This may in turn affect the type of application required.

We are proud to offer a range of travel insurance products - please ask your Travel Consultant for more information.

Please note: Due to limited availability, passenger name and date changes are strictly prohibited for this offer. This overrides the Schedule of Fees in our standard Terms & Conditions. No refunds will be issued once offer has been purchased.