Back in 2010, two Byron Bay shop owners came up with an idea while on holiday that would shake up the travel scene.

The premise was simple: to offer bucket list travel experiences in Australia and around the globe at prices that were accessible to everyone. Guided tours in Europe, cruise holidays along the Antarctic Peninsula, or resort escapes on the Gold Coast… no travel dream would be too big or small.

Backed by their shared passion for travel and keen eyes for business, Richard Johnston and Norm Black launched online travel agent TripADeal in 2011, and the travel revolution was underway.

In the years since, TripADeal has rapidly grown to become one of Australia’s leading online travel agents, winning awards and helping over half a million travellers achieve their travel dreams in Australia, in New Zealand, and in more than 100 other countries around the globe.

Despite its meteoric growth, there are many things that haven’t changed. TripADeal is still proudly based in Byron Bay, with a dedicated team of local travel experts in its purpose-built HQ. Norm and Richard are also still front and centre, guiding the business as it continues to grow.

What else remains the same? Our passion for all things travel. TripADeal remains stronger than ever, with an experienced team and an unwavering commitment to making travel accessible for everyone - today and well into the future.